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NRCA Training Modules

  1. Back Injury - Handle With Care
  2. EPDM Video
  3. Fall Prevention - It Is No Accident
  4. Fire Safety - Don't Get Burned
  5. Metal Roof Systems - Packaged Audio Visual
  6. Person Protective Equipment - What's the Difference?
  7. Roof Construction Details
  8. Roof Membrane Systems
  9. Single Ply Membrane Package
  10. Roof Problem Analysis
  11. Substance Abuse Video I (Employer)
  12. The Built Up Roof System
  13. The Modified bitumen
  14. Thermoplastic Roof Membrane
  15. Torch Safety
  16. Hazard Communication - Your Right To Know
  17. Substance Abuse - Everybody's Problem

  18. Establishing A Safety Program " A Cautionary Tale"
  19. Worker Retention - Hired Today Here Tomorrow
  20. Estimating the Roofing Job
  21. Achieving Productivity Through Leadership
  22. Introduction to Financial Management for Roofing Contractors
  23. Financial Management for Roofing Cont.: Planning Success
  24. Developing a Sales Program: A Guide for Roofing Contractors
  1. Administrators and Training Guide
  2. Overview of Low-Slope Roofing
  3. Overview of Steep-Slope Roofing
  4. Introduction to Safety
  5. Roof Calculations and Measurements
  6. Roof Insulation's: Flat, Tapered and Crickets
  7. Tear-Off, Job Set Up and Equipment
  8. Job Set Up, Tear-Off and Equipment for Steep-Slope Roofing
  9. Introduction to Built-Up and Modified Bitumen Roof Membranes
  10. Application of Hot Built-Up Roof Membranes: Field and Surfacing
  11. Application of Modified Bitumen Roof Membranes: Field and Surfacing
  12. Applications of Hot Built-Up and Modified Bitumen Roof Membranes: Flashings
  13. Introduction to Single-Ply Roof Membranes*NEW
  14. Application of Single-Ply Roof Membranes*NEW
  15. Application of Single-Ply Flashings*NEW
  16. Application of Asphalt Shingles*NEW


MRCA Member Contractors may check out two modules at a time for a period of one month.
Please call 406-482-1884 or email mrca@midrivers.com to make your request.  



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