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Article VII. Nominating Committee and Elections

Sect 1.  Nominating Committee.

 The Board of Directors is responsible for Nominations until such time as 5 (five) past Presidents exist. Thereafter the Nominating Committee shall consist of the last five past Presidents of the Association who remain active members and consent to such service. It shall be the duty of this committee to study the qualifications of members in good standing to serve as Officers and Directors for the ensuing year. Considering qualifications and geographic location, the Committee shall submit to the Convention, no later than the first official day of Convention, a slate of Officers and Directors. Chairman shall be immediate past-President after the organization has been established and then from then on.

Sect 2.  Election.

The election of Officers and Directors shall take place on the last official day of the annual Convention. Nominations, in addition to the nominating committee slate, may be made from the floor, such nominations to be made in writing. Officers shall be elected by a majority of all votes cast and the Directors by a plurality vote. Election shall be by ballot, except in the instance of only one nominee for office, may be a viva voce vote.



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