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Article III

Sect 1. Classes of Memberships

a. Active Members.

Active members shall constitute the voting body of the association. Each active Company shall have one vote.

  1. Established roofing, roof deck and roof systems Contractors who are engaged in the application of roofing, waterproofing, roof decking, and other systems, are eligible for active membership in the Association.
    See Amendment II

  2. Active membership shall be granted to a Company or Corporation engaged in the roofing contracting business as defined in Article III, Section 1 (a). Each Company or Corporation shall file the name of the individual selected to be its Representative in the Association - a proxy vote will be permitted.

b. Honorary Members.

Honorary Membership may be voted by majority vote of the Board of Directors for such time and with such privilege as the Board may determine.
See Amendment III

Sect 2. Application.

  All applications for memberships shall be made to the Board of Directors.

Sect 3. Termination of Membership. 

Membership in the Association shall cease upon lapse of 3 (three) months delinquency in payment of annual dues or withdrawal of the member from active participation in the industry.



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